Monday, October 19, 2009

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Midterm Essay

In today’s society, new inventions and products are designed everyday. The special want for these products comes from the marketing of them. Marketing is the organizational function and a set of processes for creating, communicating, and delivering value to customers and for managing customer relationships in ways that benefit the organization and its stakeholders. In marketing, there are a few different techniques used to grab the viewer’s attention in different ways to develop the want and need for the products.

The future product that I have chosen is “immortal avatars.” Immortal avatars are the invention of immortal people that have the same functions as a live human being. Through the use of 3D scientific technology humans can be immortal in the future. The avatars are computerized humans that can actually hold a conversation and react to emotions. The hold the physical attributes of a real person and are considered immortal. With the right marketing technique for the product, I believe this product will be a successful one since it hits the emotional appeal. This product also does not have a specific target audience, making it available to all different people of all ages. Three types of marketing that I feel would be best for the product is emotional branding, neuromarketing, and across-media marketing.

Neuromarketing is the new field of marketing that studies the consumers’ cognitive and affective response to marketing. Technologies such as MRIs and EEGs are used to measure changes in activity in parts of the brain and the responses of the brain to certain types of marketing. It observes why consumers make the decisions they do and what part of the brain gets triggered to tell the consumer to buy the product. I believe that by the time the product is released this type of marketing will be more popular. With this product and the knowledge of neuromarketing, it can be used to trigger the emotional part of the brain since it is an immortal person. This product triggers such an emotion from the audience because then a person will never have to say goodbye to a loved one’s personality. Although the actual person may not be there, the avatar has the same personality and qualities of the human it is supposed to be, making their personality last forever.

Another style of marketing I would use is emotional branding. This technique involves an emotional bond to the product that makes the consumer feel a strong need for it. This technique however is a little difficult to achieve, but if accomplished ends in the greatest results. Emotional branding constructs trust with the company that is selling the product and the actual product. With the avatar I would promote the fact that the avatar can keep people in touch with people that they never see or have lost. It will create the emotion of never having to lose a loved one, which is one that many people will be attracted to. With relating the product to a loved one it creates that tie and want for the product. Bringing emotional ties to this product will always pull an emotion out of the consumer, making the desire for the product higher. It will also develop trust from the company since it has the emotional tie and any other product the company sells will have a better response. Having an emotional tie to the product will lead to a successful start of the product.

My last technique I would use for this product is across-media marketing. I feel that across-media marketing is the best style of marketing to get the knowledge of your product to the public. Across-media marketing is the technique in which the message of the product is spread through all types of media including emails, phone calls, and mailings. It is important to strategically send the message so the consumer is not annoyed by the product, but getting the amount needed to be interested in the product. For the avatar I believe that using emails and mailings would be best for getting the knowledge of the product out. I also think that some commercials would be necessary on TV, but not too many so the consumer isn’t annoyed with the product.

I feel that the three techniques I have listed would best represent the immortal avatar and launch its success. They bring out an emotional bond with the consumer as well as inform them about the product. The emotional bond will be the key to the success of the product and keep it around and in use for a long period of time.